Program 53: Free Build!

For our first summer Builders Brigade, we had a small giveaway with some fun sweet-tart candies shaped like LEGO blocks :) Congratulations to all of the winners!…

Program 52: Free Build

Yesterday was a fun, quiet afternoon with some very happy builders (old and new!). We did a free build resulting in some very cool projects :)

Program 51: Super Heroes!

Okay. Not too many of my young builders wanted to have a go at the theme I picked: Super heroes. However, they sort of chose their own theme by default! There were a lot of really cool planes and trucks and buildings – and more – today :)

Program 50: Free Build!

Yesterday was a perfect, sunny day for “free build” Builders Brigade at the library :)

Program 49: Castles

The sun was out on Thursday, making for a very quiet Builders Brigade program. Even so, we had fun as always :) Our theme for the day was CASTLES

Program 48: Playgrounds

With some nice weather finally pushing away the snow, I asked our builders today to make their version of a really cool playground

Program 47: Free Build :)

Sorry for the delay in getting these pictures posted! It’s been a very busy week or two. But I wanted to make sure these photos got up before our program coming up this week :) It was a very fun free build day with some nifty door prizes for some lucky winners as well!