Program 45: Free Play!

Sadly, I was out sick earlier this week when we had a Builders Brigade program :( But Mr. Lucas did a fine job watching over our builders. I assume there was no specific theme for the day, but check out the great projects our builders created!

Program 44: Free Build

We’ve all been cooped up a little too much lately with piles of snow and sleet…so i wanted to let our Builders have a building day with no theme for the day. Free play! As you can see below, several of our builders did more than one project…and even continually honed the same project! :)

Program 43: The Abominable Snowman!

Given the piles of snow we just got this week, it seemed appropriate to use The Abominable Snowman as my theme for the day. Most builders had their own fantastic building ideas for the day, and I loved everything that they created. Since it was a quieter program day for us, the builders also got the chance to do a lot of fun playing around with their creations :)

Program 42: Heroes

‘Happy New Year!’ to all of my lovely builders out there :)

We kicked off 2015 with a “Heroes” themed program (though as always, our builders were free to build whatever they wanted). Don’t forget to check out the pictures that I’ll put on display in our Children’s Room at the Library for you!

Program 41: Snow!

I know we haven’t had a really big winter storm yet, but since it’s almost Christmas, I thought a fun theme for our Builders program would be “Snow.” We had some pretty nifty projects, too!

This was the last program for 2014, but we’ll still be doing programs twice per month in 2015. So be sure to look at the newly advertised 2015 dates – there are also flyers in the Children’s Room.  Happy holidays, and see you all next year! :) And don’t forget to check out our Lego Project Art Gallery in the children’s room!

Program 40: Free Build

Sorry for the delay, everyone! I’ve been out sick on and off for a couple of weeks (’tis the season, right?). We had a “free build” program the other day, and pictures of the super cool projects from our builders are below.

[Note: Because I was out sick, it also stopped me from putting out photos of our projects in the children’s room at the library. Since we’re so close to the next program date, I’ll just skip the printed photos from this program (since I’m also posting the photos below), and we’ll do the printed photos as usual for the next program.]

Thanks for your patience, everyone, and enjoy the photos below!

:) Nicole

Program 39: Free Build

As luck would have it, I chose to make our most recent program a “free build” day…and most of our builders came to the program hoping for that very theme :)