Big change coming for our project displays!…

I know it can be frustrating for our builders when they put their projects on display in the Children’s Room at the library, and within hours, other kids have taken apart their carefully made projects. Despite how carefully I and the other librarians try to protect the projects, the lure of Lego bricks and minifigures is too tempting for most and we find ourselves unable to stop the destruction. So I came up with what I think is a terrific idea! Instead of putting actual projects on display for any length of time, I’d like to create a LEGO Project Photo Gallery for all to see!


Going forward, at the end of each program, projects will remain in the program room and will be taken apart immediately at the end of the program. I will create prints of all of the project photos that were taken, put them in 8×10 picture frames, and the framed pictures will go on display in the Children’s Room instead! That way, our builders can either look to the blog OR the photo gallery in the library if they want to show off their project-building skills to friends and relatives. A sample framed print might look like the one below:

sampleI hope this will be just as much fun for our builders and still give them all the sense of pride in a finished project. And I also hope that this will alleviate some of the frustration that has been coming from seeing their works of art demolished by other kids who simply see fun Legos and want to play. I’ll explain the new gameplan again at the start of our next program. I hope to see you there!

:) Nicole

Program 37: Haunted Houses

As Halloween approaches, I wanted our builders to do something in the spirit of the season…so my theme for the day was Haunted Houses!  I also brought in my small collection of LEGO Mixels to share with the group, and several of them had a blast doing some character playing with them :)mixels

Program 36: Farms

My loyal builders did a great job with my FARMS theme. And check out the cool video that one of our librarians made using an Instagram app called “Hyperlapse”!

Be sure to check out our CPL Instagram page for more fun videos and photos…

Program 35: Free Build!

Miss Sue did a great job covering for me while I was out on vacation! I’m very sorry I missed our last Builders Brigade program, because the projects look awesome :) I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again on September 10th…

Program 34: Castles

Springing off of our last program theme (Harry Potter), I thought it would be fun to have our young builders tackle CASTLES. We got some really creative interpretations of the theme; and there were several builders who just couldn’t stop their creativity from going wild, building several projects during our program :)


Program 33: Harry Potter + a cool giveaway!

We had a great Builders Brigade session yesterday! My theme for the day was Harry Potter, and for a very special reason…I had some terrific Harry Potter giveaways! Thanks to a donation from our teen librarian, I had 2 Nintendo DS Lego Harry Potter games to give away. Congrats to both Anthony and Raphael for winning the nifty door prizes :)

Program 32: Food…yum!

Having just attended a lovely picnic on July 4th, I had yummy food on my mind. Hence, our theme for today’s builders:  FOOD. I provided a few sample pictures for inspiration, and then our young builders went crazy with their own creations :)